Wooden Lamp: a selection of modern design models

Wood lamp makes the design object hand

Today we continue our journey in the world decorative items and wooden interior furnishings with a selection of photos on wooden lamp modern style.

Browse through them to see the latest creations of the field of lighting design and to find a light source for your home!

Small wooden lamp Scandinavian style: Wood Lamp by Muuto

wooden lamp architect design table

This small wooden lamp was designed by TAF Architects for Muuto manufacturer. Made of pine wood, it has a typical shape of Deco Nordic style objects: a simple and practical form, a light color and a natural look. With this fixture, TAF Architects creators show us how a small accessory can transform the atmosphere in the entire room.

The wooden lamp by Muuto should the decoration of several rooms in the house

Scandinavian office luminaire wooden lamp muuto

With its natural beauty, this wooden lamp is ideal for decorating any room in the house, beginning with a child or adult office, through the living room and the bedside tables to finish with the kitchen worktop. At a height of 50 cm, this fixture is also available in several colors.

Idea with decorative wood composite lamp Asterisco by LZF

idee deco lamp wood kitchen

Asterisco LZF is a trademark product made Polywood, a type of composite timber easier to handle and to process than the original material. The versatile small lamp was created by Cuatro Cuatro, a design agency based in Valencia, Spain.

office decoration idea with mini lamp with a desk

Very modern deco wooden office table lamp

This is a light source which, despite its small size manages to assert itself as a nice accessory. It is precisely because of its ability to transform into decorative accent that Cuatro Cuatros decided to give him the name of Asterisk. And, as it has a mini desk, ideal for decorating a kitchen worktop, a desk or a small console table at home or in a professional space.

Mini Kino modern desk lamp for interiors of modern design

small design table lamp wood bedside

This compact and intriguing fixture called Kino. This is a very light lamp made of curved wood composite sheets to adopt a complex shape, very difficult to obtain otherwise.

Small modern interior luminaire composite wood

idea fixture design objte wood decoration

The Kino lamp is an ecological and original product that will fit on a desk or on a side table ... and wherever else you want to install it!

Photo of playful wooden lamp by Pana Objects

original gift idea wooden lamp modern style

This is a fixture that is intended not only practical but also fun: the form of small dog lamp by the Thai company Pana Objects.

The shape of small dog lamp will be a ray of happiness in your home

wooden interior lamp deco object

This desk lamp is simple and easy to remove: it proposes to bring you more happiness every day thanks to its original and cute shape.

Original wooden lamp Image Marina's Bird by fajno

wooden lamp modern decoration style

Still on fun lighting, this beautiful design lamp made in Belarus takes the form of a bird in wood and glass.

Plafonier wooden design by fajno for kids room deco

child wooden lamp lighting design

Marina's Bird also available in dome light version to be a very nice addition to the decor of a child's room, girl or boy, in modern style.

modern lighting for decoration maid or boy by Ferm Living

child luminaire wood design object

Let's stay a while in the field of lighting design for small and explore the collection of wooden lamps brand children Ferm Living.

wooden wall sconces Collection Deco child

lamp applies wood deco child

The products of this group are formed into veneer. Space-efficient, they are inspired by familiar images for children: forest animals, old travel gear like the balloon, clouds and small charming houses.

wooden wall lamp crib decor

Wall sconces wood bedroom lamp child

In short, all the beautiful pictures that we usually associate with fairy tales and cartoons!

Idea for children desktop decoration applied with wooden modern style

Wall lamps lighting timber nursery idea

These beautiful wooden lamps, which are available as a wall, are a great idea to decorate the area around the bed of your little treasure and for illuminating a work table, a reading area or games.

Idea of ​​small modern light to interior decoration by WAF

idee wooden lamps lighting waf

This small WAF signed lamp reminds us of a friendly garden gnome! It is made of two pieces of wood veneer, which makes it possible to adjust the direction of light. You can use it to decorate a child's room or an adult.

Wood night lamp minimalist LED 1

lamp decoration bedroom wooden table night

Pictured above, a modern lamp sold by 1 LED which has won several design awards.

Detail of modern lamp LED 1

decoration modern design interior fixtures

On the organic and dynamic aspect it would fit well in a room with coatings or wooden furniture.

wooden design desk lamp: Carambola by LZF

wooden lamp modern design lighting

Modern-style table lamp is another product of the lighting collection LZF. Invented by Oskar Cerezo, it is made by hand and seeks to produce a magical atmosphere, similar to that of the Orient Palace.

Photo Carambola bedside lamp wood

wooden lamp deco interior chamber

Carambola is entirely made of natural wood and it is probably this characteristic that makes it suitable for interiors of all styles.

modern style fixture in wood and metal I-Club-M by LZF

modern deco interior wooden lamp

I-Club-M is a wood and metal lamp designed by German designer Burkhard Dämmer for LZF. It is part of a set of light sources that exist in version of table lamp, floor lamp and suspension.

wooden lamps modern design by LZF for fans of modern architecture

Cabin Layouts idea wood lamps

These fixtures will appeal to lovers of minimalist style and modern architecture. The lamps that we have chosen to present here are used alone or in groups for lighting a specific area of ​​the interior.

modern lighting and lighting design by Monoculo Design Studio

deco modern luminaire wood lamp

This is another original lamp made of wood. It is sold by Monoculo Design Studio and is a very exact copy of the objective of a vintage camera.

Idea deco wood with original lamp vintage style

lighting design modern wood interior

scale creation, this luminaire combines organic materials of very high quality, such as cedar wood and the beeswax. The method of manufacture, the materials used and its very designer look make it an environmentally friendly product that you can install in your home or give as a gift to a loved one.

crude wooden lamp modern interior decoration by Paul Foeckler

Office wooden lamp working area Layouts

Other wooden lighting accessory that will delight fans probably natural decorative items: the raw appearance lamp by Paul Foeckler.

raw wood and metal floor lamp with design by Paul Foeckler

small design solid wood floor lamp

Distributed by the brand Split Bean, these fixtures are part of a collection that Paul Foeckler described as a set of wooden sculptures. In particular, they reflect the specific beauty of the texture of Monterey cypress, a tree found in the region of the state of California.

Wood Deco Object modern style lamp design Babele

Wood accessory idea deco modern lamp

This product is a further object of natural wood decor made with mahogany and maple.

Lamp picture Babel and its components

Modern wood decoration design lamps

Besides being natural and a very nice texture to the eye, modern luminaires Babele collection can be disassembled and take many forms. In fact, the pieces of wood that you see on the top picture are organized around a light base like little building blocks. You choose the form they will take!

Lampaidaire driftwood for contemporary lounge IMAX Worldwide Home

Contemporary lampposts wood decoration

Floor lamp wooden design: The Arturo Alvarez

lamppost deco wood house modern style

This delicate lamp foot is made of a composite wood rods that can be arranged in two ways to get an overhead lighting or a source of horizontal light. With these features, The (such is the name of this fixture) could decorate a corner of your house or illuminate a workspace or reading.

Design contemporary wooden floor lamp by Parrot Uncle for interior decoration

Wood floor lamp modern design

Wooden wall for a cozy decor: Orbit LZF

wall wood modern luminaire lights

The wall wooden wall on the picture above is called Orbit A and it is another product of the range LZF. Like many other lamps to our selection, Orbit is an original creation in composite wood basis. Designed by Miguel Herranz, this wall is made by hand to give your home a cozy atmosphere with its delicate lighting.

modern wooden lamp Nepa

modern interior wood floor lamp lighting nepa

This wooden lamp is a very interesting light source created as a result of the happy combination of new technologies and traditional materials.

Details of the original wood lampaidaire Nepa

deco lamp modern wooden house

From a very characteristic aspect, this wooden lamp is unquestionably destined to become a decorative accent in the room she decorates.

modern interior design lamps: Bright Woods by Luxyde

wood design lamps modern decoration idea

These lamps in brilliant form of eggs are an invention of Giancarlo Zema on behalf of Luxyde manufacturer. Made of solid wood and boasting LED lighting, Bright Woods are part of a series of wooden furniture that is suitable for modern interiors, the luxurious decor as well as the development of hotels and ships.

modern wooden Scandinavian-inspired suspensions

interior design accessories deco lighting wood

The hanging lamps are among the luminaries Deco trend right now. Here is one very elegant example from the collection of furniture Ex.t.

Collection of furniture and lighting design by Ex.t

small industrial lamp wood suspension ext

Suspended luminaire in original timber: Koi Ls by LZF

wooden lamp idea original suspension

Want a really impressive pendant light? Bet on this dome light handmade and signed LZF!

Suspension design oriental inspired by LZF

original wooden lamp design suspension

This is a spectacular wooden lamp designed by Marivi Calvo whose design began in 2009 and ended in 2013. It consists of a wooden skeleton which supports the skin of this animal bright , itself carried by several small pieces of wood composite.

Idea of ​​modern ceiling wood: Dandelion by LZF

dome light wood modern design

The ceiling on the top photo is a contribution to the collection Burkhard Dämmer design lighting products for LZF company. The luminaire is inspired by nature and particularly by radiolaria, microscopic organisms that are part of the plankton.

Modern Pendant Light in nature-inspired wood

suspension timber Interior luminaire design
The suspension therefore incorporates geometric shapes that exist in nature to introduce them into modern interiors and thereby strengthen the human bond with his biological environment. Dandelion is made of composite wood and cables of LED lights concealed behind its layers of wood.

Idea of ​​Lumio modular wooden lamp for passionate reading

deco timber object office luminaire

Finally, this is another very original creation: a portable lamp in the shape of a book. It is a creation of architect Max Gunawan. Its specificity? You can open and close it, just like a real book: this is how you turn it on and off. Moreover, Lumio can become a desk lamp, a wall lamp, a suspension and an outdoor fixture. If this original and multifunctional lamp you are interested, you can see the video presentation here:

Presentation of the original lamp wooden Lumio

Photos and design by Muuto, Pana Objects fajno, Ferm Living, WAF, LED 1 Monoculo Design Studio Paul Foeckler, IMAX Worldwide Home, Arturo Alvare, Parrot Uncle, Luxyde, Ex.t Max Gunawan, LZF

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